What We Do



Open-Rebees is a joint venture between two Dallas-based real estate firms – Open Realty and Rebees – that brings together decades of experience in real estate, restaurant and hotel development.

Open-Rebees draws on the diverse experience and complementary capabilities of each firm to enable the development and management of real estate projects that conjure a special reality of their own, while evoking a deep and authentic sense of place.

We particularly excel in the creation of retail and mixed-use projects with the following attributes:

  • A clear and compelling vision for how the project fits into its physical and cultural landscape.
  • An original design that delivers a rich and escapist experience to patrons.

  • A thoughtfully curated mix of established leaders in brick-and-mortar retail alongside emerging, internet-native, direct-to-consumer brands.

  • Original and dynamic food, beverage and entertainment programming.

  • The engagement of independently-owned businesses that celebrate compelling aspects of local culture.

  • Defined by active public spaces that are destinations unto themselves.

  • Propelled by an operational culture obsessed with patron satisfaction.

Open-Rebees is a flexible and highly collaborative organization that works alongside its partners and clients to create extraordinary real estate projects.

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with us, please drop us a note here: