What We Do

A joint venture of Open Realty and Rebees, with five decades of collective restaurant entrepreneurship, hotel development and real estate development experience, Open-Rebees draws on the leadership and unique capabilities of each firm. We offer responsive, flexible and creative approaches to experiential place-creation at the street level, crafting environments with a deep and authentic sense of place.


Open-Rebees specializes in:

· We excel in the curation of digitally native, direct-to-consumer retail businesses. As advisors, we have led the brick-and-mortar retail expansion of some of the nation’s foremost brands, and have consulted for partners and clients in the creation of transformative placemaking strategies.

· As entrepreneurs, we have created original restaurant and hospitality concepts that have transformed and energized neighborhoods, while celebrating and elevating local culture. We specialize in the creation of original food and beverage programming tailored to specific business strategies.

· Our environments deliver immersive and inspiring experiences to those who live in, work in and visit them. As developers, we possess extensive collective experience in project design, site development, and retail leasing, and have overseen the development of flourishing mixed-use projects and retail districts.